About HerbalEducator

Herbal Educator teaches the historic use of herbs and essential oils. Our mission is to educate children and entire families how to live simply and naturally for optimal health. We are pleased to offer excellent courses and invite you to join us in creating a House of Health!

Herbal Educators Nonnie and Donna

Herbal Educator is dedicated to Beverly Ruth Manwaring Pepperdine (Nonnie), a grandmother who believed that knowledge should be shared between generations. Important knowledge about our bodies, the food we consume (nutrition), and how we feel (our health and life energy) are critical topics that should be mastered and taught to children and family members everywhere.  Then, we will all be more prepared to make better choices and to establish homes equipped with the necessary resources to maintain health.

Donna Evans, current Director of Herbal Educator, is a Master Herbalist and enjoys teaching about herbs and sharing a more natural approach to life in the 21st century.  She is the herbal guide in scheduled teleconferences for kids.  Donna especially values the comprehensive nature and quality of the Junior Herbalist training program and how it aligns with the mission of Herbal Educator and Nonnie’s desire to hand down important knowledge from one generation to the next.

Herbal Educator Donna in Bahrain Herb Shop

Donna lived in the Middle East for more than ten years and has conducted research on natural health solutions in the Arabian Peninsula. She is co-author of Natural Remedies of Arabia (Stacey International, 2006). She is a licensed massage therapist, a Young Living Essential Oils enthusiast, and a Health and Safety Instructor for the American Red Cross. In addition, she has a Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and has taught English as a Second Language in colleges, universities, and workplace settings for over twenty years.

Donna desires every home to be a house of vibrant health and harmony!