Bee Balm Tea (Monarda Didyma)

Making Bee Balm Tea may bring history alive as you consider the Colonists who replaced imported tea with this American one.

To make American Bee Balm tea, take a fresh edible flower of Monarda didyma (you may use leaves too) equal to 1-2 tablespoon of material.  Bring water to a boil. Pour one cup of boiling water over the bee balm.  Let steep 10 minutes. Add raw honey or blue agave to sweeten, as desired.  This recipe may be adjusted to bring out the delicate lemony/honeysuckle flavor that suits you.  Very nice! 

A tip I read about in the book Herbal Antibiotics, written by Stephen Buhner, is to look for wildflower honey rather than honey made from clover or alfalfa which are often sprayed, so the wildflower honey may be better for your health.

Blue Agave, a natural sweetener which comes from the plant Agave tequilana, may also be used to sweeten tea.  It’s low glycemic index makes it a popular replacement for table sugar. You may order Blue agave from the Young Living Essential Oils company.  Please use my YL# 517938 when placing your order.

Below is a photo for your enjoyment of the Monarda didyma plant.  You may consider it an investment in edible landscaping as it is a joy to be able to eat and drink from the plants surrounding your home.  There is a sense of self-reliance, the true spirit of American independence which helped to popularize this gentle tea with the early American colonists.  Of course, the native Americans were familiar with and using this plant prior to the arrival of the colonists, so we have much to learn from many sources! 

Bee Balm (Scarlet Bergamot)

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