Sharing Essential Oils -Starting Your Own Business


    • Sign up here to become a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor!
    • Set up a website or a Facebook page or blog to start your business and show others how easy it is to duplicate. offers a great option. To see an example, you can visit my website at
    • Call me for questions, support, encouragement, and direction!  Donna Evans 571-313-1650.  Let’s get started!

Additional Resources to Help You offers educational pamphlets and essential oil accessories, such as cool containers, diffusers, etc… lots of support for your essential oils business. offers an amazing selection of supportive brochures to help you share your Young Living business with others.  One of my own personal brochures and CDs is sold here: Healing Oils of Arabia by Donna Evans.  Check it out!

Supporting Your Downline

When you sponsor someone into your business, that is another way of saying that you help them to open an account with Young Living.  Whether a person opens a wholesale or retail account, it is important to communicate with your new YL business team.  This is your business!

You may invite them to be members of the following FB groups to receive informed support:  Essential Oils Classes with Donna Evans
Young Living Support Team – Donna Evans

After a person signs up with Young Living, call them about 7-10 days later to coincide with when they would receive their first order in the mail.  Follow up by asking how they like it and see if you can answer any questions.

Make an appointment to share the basics of how to apply the oils safely and also to be sure that they know how to access their YL virtual office on the YL website (

Clearly explain the Essential Rewards Program.

Help interested new customers/distributors to share their excitement with a small group of friends/acquaintances and build a small business to pay for their monthly Essential Rewards Program.  That is an important goal – to help others get their oils “for free.”

Encourage your YL team to consider attending an annual YL convention.

Stay in regular contact with your YL team to communicate various ways to support your Young Living business.

And remember,

  • Call me for questions, support, encouragement, and direction!  Donna Evans 571-313-1650.