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Join us in our Herbal Teleconferences for Children ages 8-14 and parents, too!

Herbal Educator is sponsoring monthly teleconferences to correspond with the Young Herbalist curriculum, Herbal Explorations: A Journey of Discovery for the Young Herbalist.

Event Schedule: Two calls on the first Thursday of every month
11 a.m. and 8 p.m. New York-Eastern Standard Time – USA

DATES: October 1st , November 5th, and December 3rd THURSDAY
11 a.m. New York , USA
5 p.m. Vienna, Austria
6 p.m. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain
7 p.m. Dubai


8 p.m. New York, USA
2 p.m. Honolulu, Hawaii
7 p.m. Dallas, Texas
6 p.m. Salt Lake City, Utah
5 p.m. Los Angeles, California

FRIDAY (Oct. 2, Nov. 6, Dec. 4)
8 a.m. Taipei and Hong Kong
9 a.m. Tokyo, Japan
Click below to register. COST: US$ 5.00 per child (Parent or guardian attends free!)
Instructions for accessing the teleconference will be sent shortly after registration.

Teleconferences for Kids
Garlic for Kids! (Oct) $5.00
Parsley for Kids! (Nov) $5.00
Blue Agave for Kids! (Dec) $5.00

Cauliflower with Pimento “Cheese” and Parsley or Cilantro

Years ago, my mom went on a vacation to England.  While being served dinner one evening, she was surprised to notice that the main dish was a huge head of cauliflower with a topping of cheese.  She looked around for … Continue reading

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Developing Self-Reliance in the American Civil War (1861-1865)

Relying on Local Plants Prior to the Civil War, Americans often obtained sugar and fruit from ships that sailed through the West Indies. They also benefitted from trade between the Northern and Southern states.  During the war, however, as the … Continue reading

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Figs – Wisdom from the Middle East

THE FABULOUS FIG Ficus carica (Moraceae, the Mulberry Family) Mention figs?  A Lebanese man describes two fig trees growing in his own backyard. His wife talks of harvesting fresh figs in season, making fig jam, and preparing dried figs with … Continue reading

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Essential Oil of Rose – Wisdom of Arabia

Of all the essential oils, rose oil has the highest known electromagetic frequency (320 MHz). Its flowery fragrance promotes balance, harmony, and a sense of well-being. For centuries, residents of Arabia have enjoyed these qualities of the rose. The city … Continue reading

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Myrtle – A Biblical Oil

Myrtle (Myrtus  communis) is a marvelous evergreen shrub.  Its fragrant leaves, when steam distilled, yield a healing essential oil – reminding us that the fruit of trees “shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine.” (Ezekial 47:12) The … Continue reading

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Herbs of the John Dickinson Plantation

Continental Congressman and lawyer John Dickenson (1732 – 1808) was born in Maryland, raised in Delaware, and served in Congresses representing both Delaware and Pennsylvania.  He was one of the wealthiest men of Colonial America.  In Delaware alone, he owned … Continue reading

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Chicken Tarragon Salad Recipe

A very lovely herb growing in my garden in Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus).  Yummy.  It gives an anise flavor to salads, sweetens up fresh vegetable juice, and generally helps to create lovely tastes.  This week I made a tarragon-chicken salad and … Continue reading

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Herbs for an American President

Thomas Woodrow Wilson (1856 – 1924) A lovely pre-Civil War home to tour is the birthplace of Thomas Woodrow Wilson in Staunton, Virginia. You are shown the formal parlor and dining room, as well as the study, bedroom, kitchen, storage … Continue reading

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Meditation with the Oil of Frankincense

In the Book of Genesis, there is a priceless story of Isaac going out into the field in the evening to meditate.  It was a special time of his life as he was waiting to receive the wife that his … Continue reading

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Bee Balm Tea (Monarda Didyma)

Making Bee Balm Tea may bring history alive as you consider the Colonists who replaced imported tea with this American one. To make American Bee Balm tea, take a fresh edible flower of Monarda didyma (you may use leaves too) … Continue reading

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