Colonial Tea Blends

Colonial Tea

Who knows how tea will mix with salt water?”
John Rowe (December 11,1773)

These words signaled the approach of the men of the Boston Tea Party who, over the next three hours, proceeded to dump 340 chests of tea into the harbor in protest of a tax levied on tea by the British Parliament without representation or consent of the local colonies.

Similar “tea parties” along the New England Coast in New York, Greenwich, Charleston, Philadelphia, and Annapolis encouraged the creation and use of new herbal teas-considered as patriot teas which were served in place of the imported Chinese green tea.

Colonial Tea Blends

Two-herb tea blends recommended by colonialist Philo Aletheias in the Virginia Gazette (January 1774), one month after the Boston Tea Party, include:

sweet marjoram and a little mint
mother of thyme and a little hyssop
rosemary and lavender
clover with a little chamomile
sage and lemon balm leaves with a little lemon juice.

Continuing on in the spirit of innovation and revolution toward greater health, Creative Teas shares recipes using nature’s herbs. May you drink in good health!

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