Essential First Aid

Last night I had an interesting dream.  I was touring a state-of-the-art swimming facility at a University in southern Florida.  It had all of the benefits of modern design, technology, and equipment and was very impressive.  It was opulent and expensive.  Then, a plumber, or handyman,  –  a “down-to-earth” type of person responsible for maintenance –  entered the room and said: “Well, it’s only missing two things: light bulbs and beer.”

Well, I do not drink alcohol at all but I woke up from this dream realizing that the message I was receiving was to have the basics in place – to be prepared.  All of the fancy lights and equipment does not do any good if you do not have the light bulbs, the basic parts necessary to function.

Today is a GREAT day to think about your first-aid kits.  Do you have band aids, gauze, sterile pads, Neosporin?  Do you have feminine pads in your kit?  They are a great dressing for more serious cuts and wounds because of their highly absorptive nature.

Do you have the essential oil of Melrose, a strong topical antiseptic that cleans and disinfects cuts, scrapes, burns, and rashes?  (Melrose can be diluted 50/50 with a pure vegetable oil prior to application due to possible skin sensitivity).

 Do you have the essential oil of Purification for bites, stings, and scrapes as well as for an insect repellent?

Do you have Animal Scents Ointment ?  Dr. Peter Menke (PhD) recommends Animal Scents Ointment for large surface abrasions.  After applying the essential oil of Purification for cleansing, he uses Animal Scents Ointment for sealing the wound. Dr. Menke also uses the Animal Scents Ointment for diaper rash.

These are just a few thoughts to inspire action today.  Let’s be sure our first aid tools are not only the best but the most practical and ready to go in times of need.

Herbally yours,

Donna Evans, MH

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  1. Interesting article. Where did you get all the info from?

  2. admin says:

    Dr. Peter Menke gave a lecture in Salt Lake City last year and spoke on Essential First Aid. Also, the Essential Oils Desk Reference is a great resource and is available at Do you use essential oils?

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