Meditation with the Oil of Frankincense

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In the Book of Genesis, there is a priceless story of Isaac going out into the field in the evening to meditate.  It was a special time of his life as he was waiting to receive the wife that his father Abraham had arranged for him, and Abraham’s servant had travelled to a distant land to bring her (Rebekah) back.  Surely, he had much to anticipate and consider.

Granted, he didn’t have video games, movies, or the internet to distract him, but he had a busy life, too, with chores to complete and family and servants to talk to.  Yet in the evenings, he took time – as recorded in scripture – to reflect and contemplate.

“And Isaac went out to meditate in the field at the eventide…” (Genesis 24:63)

Although we do not have record of Isaac utilizing frankincense during his meditations, it is most probable that he would be aware of its existence as it was a valuable treasure which originates in the Middle East. In fact, frankincense trees grow in southern Arabia and in East Africa, where they produce a resin used as incense.  Frankincense has travelled the major trade routes for centuries and has been used in religious and governmental ceremonies.  It is known for promoting meditation, increasing spiritual awareness, and improving attitudes.  In general, it is uplifting!

Boswellia carteri

So, the next time that you choose to meditate (daily, right?), consider using the Middle Eastern scent of frankincense to enhance your experience.  It is easy to utilize in its resin form, with a resin burner, or distilled as an essential oil which you can apply on your location of choice (head, neck, chakra points, etc.).

You may obtain the resin, resin burner, and the essential oil of frankincense through Young Living Essential Oils.  Young Living offers two types of essential oil of frankincense: Boswellia carteri from Somalia and Boswellia sacra from Oman.  Why not explore and try them both?  You may call me with any questions you may have! (571-313-1650)

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Boswellia sacra

May your daily meditations be meaningful and inspiring!

Herbally yours,

Donna Evans, MH
Young Living Distributor, YL#517938

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