Natural Remedies of Arabia

naturalremediesarabiabookNatural Remedies of Arabia

Donna Pepperdine Evans is co-author, with Robert W. Lebling,  of Natural Remedies of Arabia.  This is an amazing book containing original research based on Donna’s Master Herbalist Research conducted in the Arabian Peninsula.

Questionnaires were sent out to 5 regions in Saudi Arabia (the North, South, East, West, and Central) as well as to the United Arab Emirates. The families of Arabia generously responded and reported remedies which have been handed down for generations.

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Speaker Donna [Pepperdine] Evans is co-author of Natural Remedies of Arabia and an expert in blending therapeutic essential oils with traditional remedies used in the Middle East for centuries.

The people of the Arabian Peninsula obtained herbs and spices which travelled along ancient trade routes, from China, India, Egypt, Syria, and other distant lands.  Then, they combined the items obtained through trade with local plants to create a unique tradition of natural healing. Learn how the natural remedies of ancient Arabia can be part of your life today.

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