Shampoo, Homemade

In an effort to avoid putting unknown chemicals onto my scalp and body, I decided to make my own shampoo.  Fortunately, the staff at Jean’s Greens Herbal Tea shop in Schodack, New York shared a wonderful natural herbal shampoo recipe with me. At first, it seemed a little oily, but as I got used to it, I found that it not only provided my hair with cleansing but also seemed to provide more volume. I am grateful to staff at Jean’s Greens Herbal Tea Works for sharing this recipe with me. I use it and love it!

4 tablespoons nettle
2 tablespoons rosemary
2 tablespoons orange peel
2 tablespoons lemongrass
1.5 tablespoons Irish moss

Other ingredients:
1 pint olive & coconut castille soap
1 teaspoon orange essential oil
½ teaspoon lemon essential oil
½ teaspoon cinnamon essential oil
3 tablespoons aloe vera gel
1 teaspoon jojoba oil
10 drops benzoin tincture (preservative)

Simmer herbs in 2 quarts distilled water for 30 minutes. Let sit overnight. Strain. Cook liquid down to 1 quart. Add olive and coconut castille soap, the orange, lemon, and cinnamon essential oils, aloe gel, jojoba oil, and benzoin tincture. Place in shampoo dispenser(s). Shake before use.

To obtain the greatest quality essential oil of orange, lemon, and cinnamon, contact Donna Evans,  571-313-1650 .

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