Trees of Applegate Drive

img_0284Tree Identification

It’s autumn, or fall, that special time of year when the trees remind us of their strength, beauty, resilience, and life-sustaining value.  It is a terrific time to learn more about trees!

Join me for a walk along Applegate Drive in Sterling, Virginia to identify the Oaks, the Ash, the Maple, the Virginia Dogwood, the Redbud, the Tulip Tree, and more.

We’ll look at tree characteristics such as bark, leaves, and unique tree shapes.

Date: Tuesday, October 4th, 2016
Time: 4:00 pm
Meetup Location: Front Parking Lot of Forest Grove Elementary School, 46245 Forest Ridge Drive, Sterling, VA 20164 / You’ll see us on the side walk by the trees!
What to Bring: A small notepad or sketch book and pencil
It’s Free & Fun!!  But Please RSVP: 313-565-6410 (Donna)


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